Ovi – adds meaning to my life!

Its just been 3 years 6 months… I gave birth to ovi, my daughter!

During this period i have learnt to enjoy life in its true sense coz there is so much to learn from her..

Innocence and naughtiness drips from her face, she takes a second to cry and the very next moment she forgets for what she was crying when diverted by someone…

A full on “drama queen”… the way she explores new things without any user manual or tutorial, merely by observation and hands on the gadget…

She finds happiness in small-small things, to mention a few:

a drizzle , hailstones, a butterfly, a bedtime story, playing with clay, painting,a rhyme, a simple hug just makes her day!

What a relief her smile provides after i come home from work in the evening, all my tiredness, frustration evaporates in seconds..

Earlier i was never keen on observing things around me… say the butterfly, rainbow, fountain on the way near bogarves, the cows, the pigs, the sheep; but these days i too get excited when i see them moreover coz all these immediately bring a picture of my daughter smiling infront of my eyes.. and automatically even the curve on my face appears( a smile).

Ovi is so very full of life, inspiring,encouraging… She made me realize that we have so much in life to enjoy… n that i cant force her to learn things. i just need to do it myself coz she learns by observing me..

My heart aches when i leave her and go for my job, but somewhere deep in the bottom of my heart a voice, a feeling which says “ovi will learn to be independent and adjust with everyone and gain knowledge from so many people around her”.

The proud feeling that i get to be introduced as ovi’s mom keeps me on cloud nine!

I have been playing the roles of a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother,a friend, a neighbour, a relative, a teacher but this role of a mother is a special one with all the warmth, love, patience, adventure, responsibility and lots more..

And now that she has started going to school, answering her queries is a challenge in itself!

Ovi means “a meaningful stanza” and her presence has really added a meaning to my life..

Love you Ovi!  IMG_2316

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8 Responses to Ovi – adds meaning to my life!

  1. Pratibha says:

    Ovi.. she is truly a darling baby.. 🙂

  2. bharatesh says:

    good said

  3. Soumya j says:

    Directly from moms heart. Superb Minal akka a Gud start for ur blog.

  4. priya says:

    awesome good work continue

  5. anil patil says:

    Gm. Dear. You made me to recall when you was child. I had little time to share with. Now I am also a father gives me feeling that a mother (mom n bhagya) faces n share time a lot than me. I wouldn’t have been able to express better than you. Keep it up. Take care.

  6. praveen sb says:

    Ur blog realizes, there is more in life to enjoy…:)

  7. Rashmi Ankle says:

    Enjoyed reading the article above mam. This article is very interesting and effective. I learn new information from your article. Good luck for the upcoming articles mam..😊👍

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