A living and lively inspiration

Its been years we began our journey of life together, on the road less travelled by,but with every year passing by, I get to know about the treasure of talents hidden in you. Every year you come up with some new and happening activity and I get more inspired. My graph of love and respect for you keeps increasing linearly.

The kind of patience that you have, your perspective of looking at things differently, your simplicity, your hunger for learning, your passion for physics…. In short you are a gem.praveenpatilVery few people know that you are an artist too. A SSLC topper and a great orator. Now you are a keynote speaker and a mentor too. (http://fossasia.org/)

“Simple living, high thinking” perfectly suits you.

I just keep wondering, what more about you I still do not know.

Your mere presence around me motivates and encourages me to keep doing things at my best. Your very thought of we, growing together makes me realize, how lucky i am to have you in my life. You  are truely an inspiration and a role model for me, to keep doing interesting things and moving forward in life.

Every little thing that you do, you do it with perfection.

You have always given me my space to grow.

Indeed very, very lucky to be YOUR wife Praveen!

Thanks for always being there…

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3 Responses to A living and lively inspiration

  1. Megha S. Kulkarni says:

    Nice one mam…

  2. Ramesh says:

    Nice Mam… One of the greatest person in Belagavi.

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