Art Utsav 2022

Celebration of Creative Expressions

Art Utsav is an event by Rotary E-Club Belgaum in association with GSS College, Gulmohar BAG (Artist Group) and Tarun Bharat Trust. The event has various activities around celebrating the art, the artists and their contributions to the society.

Art Utsav invites everyone to participate in the drawing competition in the following categories

  • CAT-I 1st to 4th Standard Topic: My Favourite Animal
  • CAT-II 5th to 7th standard Topic: My Favourite Sport
  • CAT-III 8th to 10th standard Topic: World of My Dreams
  • CAT-IV Open Category Topic: Slaves of Technology
  • CAT-V Grandparent and Grandchild Topic: Family.

Category wise registration counters were set up. Volunteers distributed the drawing A3 size sheet and the snack packet to all the participants. It all started with a small inaugural in the open auditorium with lighting of lamp by chief guests Mrs Madhuri Shanbag, Shri Prakash Mirji sir, Shri Anant Nadgouda Sir and Shri Anil Gudi sir. MOC by Charusheela mam.

On 24th April sunday morning, the GSS campus was all set for the colorful day to witness some of the fantastic work by artists both young and young at heart.

The balloons were released by enthusiastic kids to mark the beginning of the event and a colorful smoke too. Further, all participants were accompanied by volunteers to the respective venues. All young artists were ready to spell magic with colors. It was such a wonderful scene to witness, amidst the scenic beauty of GSS college. People of all ages engrossed in their art work. I recollected the last scene of the movie “Taaren Zaamen par”.

Mixture of emotions

The competition was followed by live demos by well known artists of Belagavi like Shri Mahesh Honnule, Shri Shivaji Bekwad, Shri Kiran Hanamshet and Mrs Shilpa Khadakbhavi

A session on Art of cartoons by Shri Jagadish Kunte sir caught the attention of the audience. In such a simple way he demonstrated how the basic shapes like circle and triangle form the base of any cartoon and what care one needs to take when it comes to expressions. A humble and down to earth person.

This session was followed by the feliciation of renowned senior artists of Belgaum who made their mark in the field of art. Shri Shirish Deshpande, Shri Jagtap, Shri Shivaji Bekwad, Shri Bharat Jagtap, Shri Subhash Desai, Shri Datta Khamkar, Shri Prakash Sidnal and Shri Vishwanath Gugari.

Finally the most awaited prize distribution ceremony was held. This event needs a special mention and a big round of applause as even the minute things were carefully planned. The design of the certificates, banners simple and elegant (Thanks to our friend Jyoti Sawant), the prizes carefully wrapped and given in covers with splash of paint on it which looked so beautiful.
The floral greetings presented in form of bouquet and flowers were made by specially abled children of Snehalay Sparsh School.

Frontline workers our volunteers

A well organized event. One of its first kind that happened in Belgaum on this large scale and was only possible because of the efforts of Prof Praveen Patil, his supporters (Prof S Y Prabhu sir, Shri Anant Nadgouda sir, Mrs Sarita Patil, Shri Prakash Phadnis sir, Shri Anant Nadgouda sir, Mrs Vrushali Marathe, Shri Jagadish Kunte sir, Shri Shirish deshpande sir, Saptami rao) and his dedicated team of volunteers and support of Management of GSS college, Rotary e-club 3170, Gulmohar Bag and Tarun Bharat Trust.

Pic credits to Devashish, Prathamesh and Dr Phadnis.

Eagerly awaiting version Art Utsav 2.0!!

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Morning Walk

Woke up at 6am this morning. Made up my mind to take a walk as it had rained yesterday. Had a cup of tea with lemon grass. Left for a walk with a hope to enjoy the freshness and enjoy some me time in my most comfortable outfit t-shirt and track pant. The mud was still wet and the petrichor emanating enticed me and i wished if i could bottle up that heavenly fragrance of love and nature. Dry leaves spread all over the road due to the heavy wind that had blown last night just before it rained.

The crepuscular rays looked like a painting by nature and i recently got to know that when these rays spread down to the ground, they are called Jacob’s ladder, a “ladder to heaven”.

The trumpet tree along the streets of bhagyanagar looked so beautiful with its pink flowers. The trees looked lush green as the dust on it had washed away. The fragrance of Night blooming jasmine was mesmerizing. The beauty of different variety of flowers, its vibrant colors are all pleasing to watch. Curiosity to know the names of unknown fruits and flowers using Google lens. A thought arising, what if all of the trees had a QR Code to tell about themselves like the way they are labelled in GSS College campus.

The call of Koel, chirping of sparrows, the bulbuls, Bharadwaj (Greater Coucal), squirrels running up and down the trees, and the flight of Indian Grey hornbill, Magpie Robin and Iora were a treat to the eyes and ears. Earlier had seen that this hornbill in pairs. So i was looking out for its partner.

The parks on my way filled with people of age group 40+ enjoying their walk and doing their routine exercises. They all are an inspiration to stay fit and exercise regularly. Felt proud to see women cyclists. Boys playing cricket on open grounds, made me recall my college days when early morning 6.30am we used to report on Cped ground for practice. Flashback of wonderful memories. With all this scenic beauty in our own city Belgaum, listening to the song by Hariharan (Sunri sakhi) and walking for 5.85Kms was really rejuvenating.

Amidst a daily routine of work and life, such peaceful morning walks are a bliss. Being a sportswomen, i always feel like myself when i am actively involved in all such activities and love adventures.

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Fortunate to be your daughter

Today on the eve of mother’s day, I felt, I should express my gratitude towards my parents. Knowing the fact that, no matter how much ever I thank them, it will just be a grain of sand in a big ocean, for the innumerable things they have done for me. Yet I am just making an attempt to thank them.

I am the youngest child to my parents. I was told; they wanted a girl child, so that is how I came into existence. Have two elder brothers. I consider myself fortunate enough to be born to this wonderful couple who have contributed in all possible ways for a good upbringing of me. Difficult to pen down all, so listing very few scenarios.IMG_20200510_221021

The environment at our house has acted as a catalyst, for me genuinely being interested in sports. My father is a carom champion and played table tennis, my eldest brother carom champion; second eldest brother was outstanding in football and basketball and now is a champion in badminton(he is the one to teach me to ride a two-wheeler too). All of them having won different prizes at different levels of competitions. (In short champion family). I grew up looking at them, at home we had a carom board and whenever they played I used to be limbu timbu 🙂 . Our dining table was where we played table tennis, by placing two steel glasses and a stick on top which was supposed to be the net. When I think of all that, it brings a smile on my face. Wonderful time spent together. A family that ate together, smiled together and played together.

When I was in first standard, my father decided to make me learn swimming. Initially I went with my brothers, in a well where I was thrown in the water by tying a tin behind my back (Wow what a feel) . Few months later, took coaching in Goa, when I went there for summer vacation. (My father was transferred to Goa so).

Finally, the full-fledged training I took in goaves swimming pool (Aquarius club). Workout, 3 hours per day. Cold water and hits from sticks of Umesh sir :). Somehow I used to try escaping and giving all possible reasons to avoid going for swimming. I even remember locking myself in bathroom so as to let the coaching time pass by. But my father was determined to make me learn swimming. Today when I enjoy in water and participate in competitions, I realize, if he had not forced me, I would never learn swimming. I still remember, every day when he picked me from swimming pool, he used to buy me a boiled egg from the small tupri, just outside the swimming pool gate (which is not there now).

My father made time to come and see my final matches of volleyball. He always used to get along something to eat (hence my friends also used to wait for him). Whenever we won, he used to treat me at Pranam hotel exactly opposite to globe theatre, on the way back home. It’s quite rare to see parents support a girl in sports and I was fortunate to get that support for every step in that direction. Each of my day used to start and end with them, I used to share all the day’s proceedings with them freely.

Coming to my mother, she took care of our health and fitness by preparing varieties of delicious dishes. The culture of going to hotel was very rare. My mother treated me like her third son, not forcing me to be in kitchen and all. She wanted me to study well and keep doing sports. She took care of us when Dad was not around. She has spent her whole life giving her children top priority. She gets to know about our moods just by a glance. Even today when I visit them, a sense of satisfaction that I get, when I see their cheerful faces on our arrival. If they are going out of station even for  a day, that feeling of they drifting apart from me, i don’t like it. I feel that sense of moral support when they are within reach. They take care of all our likes and dislikes. Further, if we happen to share news about promotion, about receiving an award or any other achievement, my father gets sweets even before we reach home, a reason to celebrate “us”.

Also, there has been a time when I have hurt them the most by choosing a road less traveled by. Now being a mother of two daughters I can understand to what extent I hurt them. But by God’s grace, time has healed everything and I am very happy that they are with me standing firm, supporting me. I get to learn many things merely observing them, their unique way of love and care. The way they are active in this age also, I must say, if I decide to compete with them in the work they do, I am sure to fail.

They have been strict at times, but now I know the reason for that and the love hidden behind that strictness for us to be disciplined. There is a saying which goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. I am lucky and fortunate to have such lovely parents whose actions speak louder than words when it comes to love and care for us and all their efforts to make us stand on our feet.

Love you Baba and Mummy.

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Cherishing all the supermoms out there

“Your children are not your children, they come through you, but they are life itself, wanting to express themselves.” ― Wayne Dyer

 Life has become a marathon for the working mothers out there. Striking a balance between the job and family, moving ahead facing the emotional battle of being away from kids yet for the kids. Every morning, rising up looking at the rose-pink light of dawn, hoping to be stronger than before, to be

With so many hurdles in her path, where everyone questions her about her choices of the way of life. Women who get maternity leave for hardly two months and decide to join back, knowing how strong and tough they need to get mentally. Recovering from the pain of a C-section, travelling, sleepless nights, making arrangements to breast feed the baby for a minimum of 6 months, focusing on work with her child always at the background. She fights her way through to achieve her name, an identity apart from being “Mrs. Someone”. Yes, she is capable of playing that role of a superwoman who can definitely balance work, kids and family more with ease and confidence when she has at least one supporting person in her life who says, “Go ahead you can do it, I am with you”.

I know, all you supermoms are handling things very well, yet, a few friendly messages to such lovely ladies out there:

  1. Make time for yourself every day. Do what you like no matter how tight your schedule is. Swim, Sing, dance, play, read a book, cook or do whatever makes you happy and makes you feel like “You”. Be lively and cheerful. This being very important for our emotional well-being and positivism in life.
  1. Outsource some work and spend time with your kids. They need you in their growing years to build a strong foundation of their life. All work can wait but time will fly.
  2. Do things together as a family and share the work among everyone to create a healthy environment for the emotional well being of a child.
  3. Nor Marriage nor kids in any way should be the reason to destroy your identity. Be yourself. You can’t always impress everyone nor can you enforce everyone out there to love you, like you. Just enjoy being you.
  4. Update yourself with new technology and latest trends to be a good companion to your child. Don’t be left out.
  5. Exercise regularly for emotional and physical well being. If we don’t find time for today’s fitness, we are saving that time for tomorrow’s sickness. Nourish your body, mind, heart and soul.
  6. Teach your child conservation of resources on daily basis like switch of lights, fan when not in use, not only at home but other places of work too. Use water judiciously etc

Few words to those ladies who don’t understand the struggle of a working woman, if you can’t support and motivate, at least don’t demotivate and make things worse. Somewhere I feel women are a woman’s worst enemy. Women are not meant just to be in the kitchen, set her free and see her soar high with her wings out making everything around her beautiful.

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Love for Volleyball

School days were a golden period in my life, and I shall cherish them forever. I was in fifth standard, when I rode to school on a bicycle along with my friend (Tejaswini Kulkarni),who was two years senior to me. Apart from gaining knowledge in school, chats with her on the way to school and back home, used to be an add on to my knowledge base.
It was during one such conversation with her that I was introduced and fascinated towards the game of Volleyball. She played for the school team and I too decided to learn the game and be a part of the school team. Initial days of learning were a bit tough as wrists turned red with pain. But then, I started taking interest in the game.
Few days later, there was an open tournament in a village and I was the youngest player then. Had very supportive,loving and caring seniors.The ground was packed with cheering audience and all were surprised to see a young girl like me competing with older players. We made it to the finals and every time, it was my turn to serve the ball, there used to loud cheers of appreciation from the audience. Those memories still bring tears of joy in my eyes. I was given a special prize of Rs one hundred and one for playing well which boosted my confidence even further. I felt so happy that day as for the first time, I was recognized as a good player. My parents further added joy by celebrating my happy moment.
From then on, there was no looking back. I used to practice twice a day. I went early to school and stayed back after school to play the game which had now become my passion. My parents supported me very well, else I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am the third child to my parents, have two elder brothers. My mother used to take care of all cooking asking me to focus on my studies and games and she used to say ” Go study, later cooking and all will be there”. My father used to regularly visit the ground to see me play. His happiness and proud feeling about me reflects in his eyes. Even today they stand strong for me, whom i can rely on anytime.
The game of volleyball had brought lot of positive things in my life. Fitness was my new mantra. Self-confidence, enthusiasm, new friends, enhanced sleep and alertness, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership qualities started reflecting in me. It made me feel fresh and improved my concentration in studies. It also increased my appetite and kept me healthy. The most-touching moments were when some passers-by recognized me for the game I play. I was literally on cloud nine.IMG_20200501_173105
I have been playing this game for almost 15 years for now (11 years before marriage and rest after)  and will continue to play. In this journey, I attended two nationals and was adjudged “University Blue” for five years during graduation and post graduation. I also captained the VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University) team at the inter-university level. All this was possible, because of the strong support of my husband who himself is such an inspiration.  During school days, I bagged a couple of best smasher trophies in inter-school tournaments and emerged as Best Sports Girl in school in our batch.
Being in love with this game also gave me an opportunity to deliver guest lectures at JNMC (Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College) for USM (Universiti Sans Malaysia) students about the game of volleyball. It was also a proud feeling when I was invited as a chief guest for a school annual sports day function. That day, it was more special as I was on the other side of the dais addressing young minds.
While writing this article, In discovered some more advantages of playing volleyball. Just to list a few
Physical Benefits
1. Improves Cardiovascular Health
2. Improves Muscular System
3. Improves Joint Health
4. Helps in weight management.
5. Improves Hand Eye Co-ordination
6. Enhances Your Reflexes & Reaction Time
7. Develops Agility, Speed, Coordination, Stamina & Flexibility
8. Improves Core Strength, Flexibility & Speed
9. Improves Muscular Stabilizer Strength
10. Increases Metabolic Rate
11. Enhances Aerobic Capacity
12. Enhances Energy Levels
Emotional Benefits
1. Social Interaction & Enhanced Sense Of Happiness & Belonging
2. Reduces Stress & Anxiety
3. Improves one’s mood
4. Develops Self Esteem & Boosts Confidence
5. Improves communication skills
6. Cognitive Stimulation & Functioning
7. Take Initiative
8. Develop Emotional Connections
9. Teaches Accountability
10. Motivation & The Drive To Succeed
11. Treatment & Rehabilitation
Even today, when I see children in track suit or a volleyball court, I am at a different emotional level. I instantly feel like thronging the court and join them in playing. In love with this game till my heart stops beating.
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Completed 4 years at Jain College of Engineering

September 26th,2011, I joined Jain College of Engineering as a faculty in the department of Master of Computer Applications. The joy in the eyes of my parents was so touching. My daughter was only 8 months old. I was excited as it was my first job and a proud feeling of being the first employee to join a department whose seeds had just been sowed. IMG_2451The journey began with Prof Praveen Banasode and Prof Ramu Rendale as my colleagues and Prof Praveen Chitti as head of Department. Dr D.H.Rao sir was the Principal and Director. All these people motivated me to start my journey on a positive note.

      IMG_2440   A heart full of gratitude to the management members of JCE for starting the MCA course and for having given me an opportunity to serve in this esteemed institution. I thank all the interview panel members (Prof G.B.Deshpande, Prof S.R.Mangalwede and Prof Anita Deshpande) for having short-listed me.
The memories of my first day in college are still fresh in my mind. The first person i met was Prof Veena Gadad from Computer science department in the CAED lab. Engaged in a converstaion with her and went on to become good friends. I miss you madam. IMG-20150821-WA0009Then i was asked to be seated with Prof Salma mam and Prof Sarita who were faculty members of Electronics and Communication department. They both used to guide me. They made me aware of the different rules and regulations at JCE. They told me about the tradition at JCE where the day starts with our National Anthem followed by yoga and that whoever joins the JCE family has to introduce themself to the other faculty members in the auditorium. I miss the company of both Salma mam and Sarita mam these days as their department is in a different building. The bell and powder story are unforgettable madam.

In first week of October, the classes for first semester MCA were to begin. IMG_2445Tips and suggestions from Salma mam and Sarita mam kept flowing as I was about to engage my first class. Fundamentals of Computer Organization and a part of Professional Communication and Ethics were the subjects alloted to me. My husband helped me to prepare my first lecture which was on digital electronics. First day the strength of students was 7 in number. Later it increased and the final strength was 59(availability of seats was 60).

We three of us i.e Praveen sir, Ramu sir and me, had to start everything from scratch. Praveen sir handled C programming and some part of Professional Communication and Ethics and Ramu sir handled Data structures. Ashok Hulkund sir handled Discrete Mthematics.It was a huge responsibility given to us. We were able to manage it under the able guidance of Prof Chitti. There were initial teething troubles which we handled with care. During the same month we had an outbound activity cum Fresher’s welcome at Shangri-La. Memorable moments. Day by day I got to learn new things. Later Odyssey fest which included the paper presentation event. We had sports event for faculty members which I really enjoyed playing. The annual sports day conducted at JCMM campus, in which I was the referee for the final volleyball match for the boys was a moment to cherish because I was happy being back on the playground. Avensis was another grand event and a small special memory of that evening brings a smile to my face.1779792_10201575808349264_627640804_n

Everything started well and things went on falling in place. It was a challenge for me to handle the pioneer batch of students who were smart and intelligent. But it was fun to teach them too. Learnt many things from them. After a year, few more faculty members joined the department. Prof Saraswati, Prof Pavankumar Chitawadgi, Prof Megha Kulkarni and Prof Gurpreet Kaur. We all got along and started working together for the betterment of our students. We all are a combo pack. Praveen sir is the staff coordinator, a hardworking person and a singer too. Pavan sir is famous for his personality, cool attitude and his lunch box which contains a variety of items. Saraswati mam is known for multitasking and is a good artist. Megha mam is a perfect entertainer, devotee of Shri Krishna, an awesome cook and good at programming too.10603716_10202485693375821_2719646891705731466_n Gurpreet mam is a nature lover, hygiene conscious and is fond of photography. We all used to sit together for lunch . Later Madhukar Desai sir joined us and debate over lunch on various topics was fun. We all had performed a skit for staff day which was scripted by Saraswati mam and Pavan sir. Full on entertainment. Enjoyed doing it. I still have maintained a copy of that video and burst out laughing every time I watch it. Hats off to their creativity. It is always fun to hear conversation of Megha mam and Saraswati mam. They talk like as though they are Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law.

Lot many activities followed. Time spent with the pioneer batch students is unforgettable as i started my teaching career with them. With every new batch of students I feel more young and energetic. The different activities like visiting Shantai Vridhashram and Mahesh foundation with students added value. An industrial visit to Infosys Bangalore and trip to Dandeli also add to my memories. 1622599_10202809674715152_616795858451108925_nTook sessions of the game I am passionate about i.e Volleyball for the USM students. Engaged a session on Importance of Communication for MCA students. During these 4 years i have seen my growth as a teacher and still continue to grow. I am a teacher by choice and not by chance. When i see my students of 2016 pass out batch, I wish I could turn back time and enjoy life like them, be naughty, travel around and have fun. They are so full of life.

Mere observation taught me many things. I would like to mention a few people whom I admire at Jain College. Dharwadkar sir, his cheerfulness and presence of mind when he addresses the students during any function. Uday Chandra sir for his discipline. Rao sir for his administration and the way he respects even the people who are very junior to him. Dr K.G.Vishwanath sir for his dedication and hardwork. IMG-20150920-WA0003Dr G.H.Kulkarni sir who is systematic, well-organized and the way he leads and takes care of his faculty members. Dr D.G.Kulkarni sir for his full of life attitude and sense of humor. D.B.Patil sir for his strictness. I am grateful to Kerur sir who guided me on how to write a press note and master of ceremony scripts. Khannai mam and Jayashri Veergoudar mam for completing their Ph.D managing two kids and family. I have known how important it is to have a learned and experienced Head of Department to lead us on the right track.Vinayak Nanoji sir for his brave skill of catching snakes and sense of humor. Chitti sir for his smart work. Niranjan sir for his cheerful nature and application oriented thinking. Pooja Mam, Jagadish sir, Raju kotambri sir,Sachin sir, Amey sir, Ravi Tilaganji sir, Saraswati T N mam, Nivedita mam, S.B.Kulkarni sir, Sadanand sir,Tahir sir and Nita for their simplicity and caring nature. Khajaji sir for his intelligence and do it yourself attitude. All the office staff and Shahnawaz sir for their sincere work and affection. Parwati maushi, Maruti mama, Naveen and Sagar for their early morning greetings which makes my day. This is a limited list of people whom I have interacted with.

The year 2015 had many ups and downs. The ups included The PyBelgaum workshop which I was a part of. 1503577_10205225508010168_1391193890507210634_nThis mega- event was a great success and a learning experience for me. Then followed the trip abroad to Singapore to give my first International talk. Those 7 days were just superb with everlasting memories. It was like a dream come true. Thanks to my husband and Ovi. There are still many more things to be shared but as I want to restrict the length of my page, these are the limited memories I could share.

Lastly I want to take this opportunity to thank the most important people without whom me doing a job was highly impossible. My parents, my husband, my daughter(Ovi), my mother-in-law, Soumya , Anita aunty and other members of Jakkannavar family and Simu familyIMG-20150906-WA0017 who have always motivated me and provided me a constant support and still continue to do so. Enjoying motherhood and the responsibility of being a teacher. Looking forward with a hope to create many more cherishable memories here at JCE.

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Session about the game of Volleyball

Engaged theory sessions about the game of Volleyball for the students of Universiti Sains Malaysia. It included a brief history of Volleyball and official volleyball rules approved by FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball). I spoke about the playing area,the officials,libero player and all the details concerned to the game.

IMG-20150113-WA0004  IMG-20150113-WA0011

The students of Universiti Sains Malaysia gave me a good response. It was an interective session. The word ‘continue’ coming from the students means alot to a teacher and I was very happy when these students insisted me to continue.



This is the first time I have engaged a session about the game I am very passionate about, the game I played for 12 long years and still feel like playing. All my wonderful playground memories came back alive.Indeed very thankful to my friend Bhartesh Patil for giving me this golden opportunity.IMG-20150113-WA0012

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An evening at Platinum Jubilee of Arts Circle,Belgaum (1940-2015)

‘Arts Circle Belgaum’, is a central organization, where all the lovers of Art could meet, exhibit their various Arts,witness the same and discuss the merits and thus help the healthy growth of various fine Arts. The red letter day was 27th Jan,1940.

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations were held at Ramnath Mangal Karyalay. During the Inaugural function, the senior artistes as well as the senior members were felicitated who have given of their best to bring glory to the Arts Circle.arts-circle-belgaum

Following the inaugural function, there was a Kathak performance by a well known Kathak dancer Smt. Sharvari Jamenis. She is a member of the Spic Macay. She gave a stunning performance.

Flute Accompaniment: Shri. Sunil Avchat

Vocal Accompaniment: Shri. Chinmay Kolhatkar

After that a vocal receital by Pt Kaivalyakumar Gurav, who also spellbound the audience. It was an evening to remember.

Happy to be a member of the Arts Circle.

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Luck by chance visit to a site at Navage, Belgaum

January 7th, a bright sunny day, we had just returned from our vacations back to college routine. The faculty from Civil department had planned to visit a site at Navage and have their lunch.

We faculty at MCA dept got to know about this plan. As we (Megha mam, Pavan sir and Minal) were interested in visiting new places, decided to join the others with the permission of our beloved Director and Principal Dr K.G.Vishwanath sir, Head of Civil department Prof Sachin Kulkarni sir and Head of MCA department Dr K.S.Naik sir. They granted us permission to join the Civil department faculty members. We were happy on receiving their permission.

We took our two wheelers and proceeded to the destination at a site which was about a 3 Kms drive from our college. On reaching there, we took a walk around the site, took some selfies and some good photographs. Thankful to Prof V.S. Dolli,who has a very good sense of humour, for the short laughter session.We also came across some peacock feathers lying there.images

Then the aroma of the healthy dishes i.e chapatis,different kinds of tasty vegetables and a variety of rice items gave us a kind of gravitational pull towards the Homemade Food Court (I call it a homemade food court because every member had prepared a dish at home and brought it). A special mention about those sweet lime pickles which added more flavour to our food. It was a pleasure to have lunch together at that place under the shade of those huge trees.

It was a kit kat break from the daily routine for everyone. I personally feel such get togethers do help for communication between faculty members of all departments. We all being a member of the JCE family get to know each other and work together and also strengthen the bonding. I called this visit luck by chance because luckily we got a chance to be a part of such a wonderful trip.



It gives me immense pleasure to thank all the management members, our Principal, Head of Civil and MCA departments and all the faculty members of the Civil department for this refreshing visit to Navage.

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A living and lively inspiration

Its been years we began our journey of life together, on the road less travelled by,but with every year passing by, I get to know about the treasure of talents hidden in you. Every year you come up with some new and happening activity and I get more inspired. My graph of love and respect for you keeps increasing linearly.

The kind of patience that you have, your perspective of looking at things differently, your simplicity, your hunger for learning, your passion for physics…. In short you are a gem.praveenpatilVery few people know that you are an artist too. A SSLC topper and a great orator. Now you are a keynote speaker and a mentor too. (

“Simple living, high thinking” perfectly suits you.

I just keep wondering, what more about you I still do not know.

Your mere presence around me motivates and encourages me to keep doing things at my best. Your very thought of we, growing together makes me realize, how lucky i am to have you in my life. You  are truely an inspiration and a role model for me, to keep doing interesting things and moving forward in life.

Every little thing that you do, you do it with perfection.

You have always given me my space to grow.

Indeed very, very lucky to be YOUR wife Praveen!

Thanks for always being there…

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